Radio worth listening to: In Business on BBC Radio 4

Living in London for many years and mainly commuting by car, I was – thanks to traffic on the M25 – able to listen to a lot of radio, in particular the iconic BBC radio 4. The mix of current affairs, issues, intelligent debate, comedy and general Britishness was perfect for offsetting the wasted time in traffic.

One programme I made sure to listen to was In Business presented by Peter Day.

          Peter Day

The programme reports on cutting edge business issues and Peter Day seems to have a real knack of picking up on topics that are just so interesting. I guess they just resonate with me and with the way of thinking a find myself in.

Below are some programmes that give a flavour and hopefully somehow express how I wish to think about what I have called “the new engineering”.

Hello sunshine! – sustainable energy: this is a central issue and one the new engineers should be obsessing about: how to conceive and deliver a sustainable energy system

The railway revival – railways (in Europe at least) are experiencing a renaissance and are a key component in a low carbon transport system

Crafts – the neglected contribution of craftsmanship. What is good design without attention to good workmanship?

Is water the new oil? Water scarcity – engineers have a lot to contribute here.

Credit worthy – a look at the work of Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and his efforts to reduce poverty through micro-credit.


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