How to build a world class city in Africa

Gauteng aka eGoli, Joburg, etc

1. Provide a new underground mass transit system (long overdue for a city of this size)

2. Upgrade and modernise the road infrastructure. World class highway management is being put into place based on the information on the SANRAL website.

3. Open up new areas for development of high end commercial property within a well planned framewwork:

When Beryl Porter guides tourists through the streets of Sandton central, she tells them that “each step is worth a R1-million”. Porter, who owns Walk & Talk Tours, describes the high-rise area as “Africa’s richest square mile”. The fast-growing Johannesburg suburb has been likened to Manhattan – the skyscraper annex to New York. Big corporates have been leaving Johannesburg’s inner city for Sandton central in a steady stream over the last few years, and despite some successful projects to rejuvenate the inner city, it is unlikely they’ll swap the posh Grayston drive for a crowded Commissioner street.
There is actually another step, the first one and that is to ensure that all these plans are integrated. Rail based public transport needs to be integrated with road, with well located and secure park-and-rides, etc. The new Sandton development needs to avoid continuing to contribute to the decline of the historic city centre. Happily it seems to be the case and hopefully a synergy can be attained.

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