Landscape architecture blog

I came across this blog: Pruned – all about landscape architecture. I am beginning to realise that there is a lot of overlap between their field and my discipline of civil engineering, but only when you look at the softer side – or as I put it, the new engineering. Perhaps one day I will have the time to elaborate.

Grasscrete was my first connection…


2 responses to “Landscape architecture blog

  1. yeah there IS a lot in common, in some ways one could look at land arch. as ‘civil engineering lite’, as we generally defer to the civil engineers for more complicated structures/storm-water/drainage issues… That said, it seems landscape architects get to do more of the creative design elements.

  2. designefficiency

    If you see this… thanks for stopping by to comment. I agree there is a lot in common and I think engineers are trying to think more like landscape architect in the sense that insted of concreting everything, they try use some ‘soft engineering’ approaches that use natural vegetaion and processes.

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