Bus Rapid Transit in South Africa

Recently I have had a few posts on sustainability and development in South Africa. Something I have not mentioned yet is the plans for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in the major cities of South Africa. Plans are well advanced for Johannesburg / Gauteng and Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban are to follow.

A good overview can be found in the Business Report here.

The cities are getting advice from South American cities where it has been implemented with success. This is encouraging, as they ar enot automatically looking to the US / Europe for the lead. I understand that they are getting advice from the former mayour of Bogota, Columbia as well as from people involved in Curibita, probably the most innovative city in the world (this is not an overstatement – see here).

My other posts on developments in South Africa are below:

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The launch of ‘Greenstar’


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