Some links from the Guardian

A few thought provoking articles from the Guardian in the last few days:

Drinking water from air condensation: a company has developed a machine that will produce drinking water from sufficiently humid water. It should work well here in Durban, I’ll just have to wait for the price to come down… The article answers a question I had on this: how do you prevent Legionnaire’s Disease?

Is the massive middle east construction boom coming to an end? This article suggests that it is. I have always wondered whether this growth is sustainable or whether it is just a thin veneer epitomised by the glitzy Atlantis opening bash, just waiting to implode. Perhaps Dubai has reached critical mass, but only time will tell, perhaps quite soon.

A new land grab in Africa: rich countries are buying up leases for massive tracts of land to ensure a secure agriculture supply. On the face of it this is a welcome investment in poor third world countries, however three things concern me: one, what of the people who’s livelihoods are tied to this land – will they be moved off? foreced to become mere wage earners with no stake in the massive agribusinesses? There seems to be no clear idea. Second, will the money be spent wisely in the beneficiary country – will the poor countries ever learn rom the mistakes of the past? Third, what of the environment? Has that been factored and will there be a mitigation strategy?


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