Speculative green tech that I would like to see

There is a lot of green technology that makes the news but is far from being able to be practically used. ‘Clean coal’ and hydrogen fuel cells are two that spring to mind.

Something I hope will work is biological power sources such as biogas from algae. I suspect bio power has the potential to be a cheap and robust energy source if it can be correctly developed.

This person (who certianly seems to know what he is talking about) reckons its not viable: ‘the prospects are dim’.

Lets wait and see.


3 responses to “Speculative green tech that I would like to see

  1. It seems that any research effort in bio mass/bio fuels is worth the effort. I am not enthusiastic about the U.S. putting so much into corn as a bio-fuel. I would much rather the sawdust and wood chips be utilized as wood alcohol for fuel that be used as particle board.

  2. designefficiency

    I agree that research on bio generated energy is wothwhile as in the long run I think it has incredible potential.

    Also agree on the corn ethanol issue, I have mentioned this previously here, it links to an article on the ‘ethanol fallacy’: https://designefficiency.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/biofuels-and-reality/

  3. I was doing some research last night on batteries. It appears that MIT is working on a revolutionary battery that will really lend itself for green generated energy like solar, wind etc for the home. The battery is three layers of materials with different weights so they will always be separate. It sounded very interesting. I love it when intelligent people think outside the box.

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