charity:water – 2009 in review

Scott Harrison and charity:water are doing good things in a fresh way. Unlike the big legacy charities they don’t rely on tugging the heartstrings to get people to support them – instead they are using creativity and new media to connect to people. I think it works because donor fatigue is real and the old way has led to just that. They also ensure 100% of public donations go to the end recipients which puts other charities in the shade. Scott also chose to support water supply as the target which is close to my heart. It is unfortunate that health issues especially AIDS gets all the attention and therefore money whereas water is seen as too mundane. (The organisation I am part of often has to link a water project to an AIDS project just to get funding for example.)

I first saw him speak soon after he had started when he gave a presentation at London’s Apple Store and I immediately became a fan.

Here is their 2009 review – I hope and pray their work continues to grow.


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