Scrutinising ‘big aid’ in Haiti

The Lancet has the guts to raise the question: do the big aid organisations really have the needs of the people at heart – or are there other concerns: publicity, competition, politics? I heard the editor admirably defend her point of view on the radio. The article can be read here.

Its refeshing to read such a brave article – I think there is a lot of truth there… reading twitter of some people on the ground in Haiti seem to confirm it as well…

An Italian official weighs in as well.

Obviously perfection cannot be expected in situations as chaotic as that in Haiti and to balance it, here is a defense from UNdispatch.


One response to “Scrutinising ‘big aid’ in Haiti

  1. some interesting views…I hope my donation to Haiti relief efforts get’s wisely used…Mars Hill (Mark Driscoll Seattle) raised $489K in one weekend of donations

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