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Link collection: South African initiatives and innovations

Here are some links to articles I have come across recently – all interesting developments from around South Africa:

Two articles on the ‘teabag’ water purifier developed at Stellenbosch University, from iAfrica and Good Magazine

An article that gets it right about where our priorities should be in light of the World Cup (and potential Olympics I would add)

Very interesting sustainable rural community development: Verkykerskop

An article in the M&G documenting how renewable energy is starting to scale up in South Africa. (This was before the Upington – De Aar Solar Park was announced)

Local artists in Durban augmenting the urban environment a la Banksy…



A worthy although incredibly ambitious plan.

SA Renewable Energy Links

Some links to various renewable energy funding initiatives, carbon credit summaries, etc:

DBSA Energy & Environmental Partnership Programme – For feasibility studies into renewable energy projects

IRP2 (Integrated Resource Plan 2) from the Dept of Energy – from the Perspective of Urban Sprout

Two overviews of carbon credits in South Africa by Safcor Panalpina and Bowman Gilfillan

(*check ‘The Energy Book’ for additional initiatives)

BBC feature on Amory Lovins ‘Oil Endgame’

The rest is below:

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Renewable energy grid for Europe


Links again

Brindabella office park – green office precinct @ Canberra airport

Electrical engineering blog – good primer for electrical stuff – still new but hopefully they can build up some good stuff

World Water Forum – event recently held in Istanbul

Saul Griffith: Someone you should know

He is the authour of the presentation in the previous post, taking an engineer’s perspective on the issue of climate change and energy consumption. Bottom line, we have no alternative to reducing consumption and increasing efficiency – something that I strongly believe.

Apart from inventing things, he is also an advocate for sustainability and has created the website wattzon where you can estimate your ongoing power consumption.

He has done plenty of other things, just google…