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Corruption in Africa: China is not helping

Following my recent post on corruption, here’s more depression from the Times:

While the rest of the world recoiled in horror at recent events in Guinea, where at least 150 pro-democracy supporters were killed and dozens of women publicly raped by government soldiers, China has sensed an opportunity to steal another march on Western competitors in Africa.

Nice. So will Africa ever learn? Or will they just replace the shackles of one set of colonisers with another?


Corruption in Africa: when is it going to change?

Three recent news items on corruption leave me with mixed feelings: it is wonderful that the shameful corruption is being exposed and in the case of the Nestle/Mugabe ‘bloodmilk’ scandal, the outcry has caused positive change. For the other two cases Mabey & Johnson (in the construction industry) and BAE arms dealers, while it is great that the murky dealings are being exposed, it is depressing that the Britsh governemnt is as soft on corruption as the African ones. I used to be optimistic that in the new millenium the continent had turned a corner but now I am not so sure: change never seems to arrive. Whats worse is that politicians easily get amnesty (in the case of SA’s arms deals) or shamelessly carry on as normal (pretty much anything to do with Mugabe).

I know corruption is a complex issue: but there is no doubt that it has to be eradicated if Africa is ever to reach its potential. Business and morals cannot be seperated.